Is This You?

You want a professional and polished website that will give prospective clients confidence in your services. You’re busy building your business and you don’t want to go down a tech rabbit hole to DIY a new website - you want to be in the capable hands of someone who can walk you through creating a design that reflects beautifully on your business. And you don’t want to be left hanging at the end of the process, with a shiny new website that you don’t have the skills to update.

Here’s How I Can help

I will hold your hand through every step of the design process and give you as much training as you need to feel confident in using Squarespace once I hand your finished website over to you. You’ll get a completely personalized service from me - you won’t get passed on to an assistant and your design won’t be outsourced - I’ll handle every little detail from start to finish and will be your sole point of contact.


Kind Words

I was so relieved I didn’t have to struggle through trying put together a DIY website. Instead, Theresa took care of it for me. You could try to design a site yourself, but why would you want the frustration, time it takes to learn that could be spent on your business, brick walls when you can’t understand something, to only end up with a site that looks amateur at best? With Theresa, you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches, and the end result is a beautiful website. I would highly recommend Theresa’s service to other entrepreneurs.
— Kristina Tyler
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Squarespace Website Design

The right website design can transform your business and create a next level impression for your customers and clients, so you reach your goals in no time. This Website Design package is perfect for you when you are ready to invest in a fresh, new visual identity and beautiful website that you can manage on your own.

Package + Pricing

  • Hosting and Domain Setup (if needed)

  • Domain transfer to Squarespace (if needed)

  • Creation of Squarespace Account**

  • Custom design of Homepage, About Me and Contact Form plus 3 additional pages (Blog, Services, and 1 extra)

  • Development of all site-related graphics to showcase your brand

  • Subscriptions and/or Opt-in Form

  • Terms and Conditions - Legal Pages

  • Basic SEO

  • Responsive Mobile Site Design

  • Social Media Integration

  • Google Analytics Integration

  • 1 hour one-on-one training to get you comfortable using your new website


  • Additional Training - $100/hr

  • SEO Review - $350 per session

  • Additional Pages - $200

  • Branding and Logo Design  - $1200

  • Approx. timeline: 4 weeks

    Revisions: 2 rounds per phase

    Investment: starts at $1,500

    *Split into two payments: one to reserve your spot on my calendar, and the remainder when your website is ready to launch.

 **Squarespace yearly or monthly website plans and third party applications are not included. 

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The Design Process


+ 1. Complimentary Consultation

First, let’s chat! I want to know more about your direction and the business goals you have for your brand or website. We’ll set up a 30-minute call where we can get to know each other, and ask each other any questions.

+ 2. Booking

Congratulations! Your new design is now underway. We’ll go through the timeframe, right up until the launch of your new brand. Once we’ve agreed on everything, I’ll send you a proposal, outlining all the details for your project. When I receive your signed proposal and a deposit, we can get going!

+ 3. Discover + Inspiration

Now onto the fun part! I will ask you to fill in a brand and style questionnaire, which will really help me get a deeper understanding of your style, your personal preferences and goals for your website. You can also gather visual inspiration through a secret Pinterest board I’ll set up for you, where you can pin to your heart’s content. Again, the aim of this exercise is to capture your style.

+ 4. Initial Mood Board

From your answers to the questionnaire and the Pinterest board you’ve created, I will put together a mood board. This is simply a collection of inspiring images and colors that will serve as a starting point for your new design. You also get up to two revisions of the mood board to make sure you’re completely happy.

+ 5. Design + Development

Now that we have a clear direction, it’s time to start designing. I'll create a two page mockup of your website to ensure I captured your vision. Then I'll design your brand board that will include all the elements of your brand, your logo variations, fonts and category icons, to your color palette, patterns, and illustrations. This will encompass the whole look and feel of your visual brand. You will also get to give feedback - I find that when we work as a team, that helps to create the best final result!

+ 6. Collateral Items

Everything is starting to fall into place! After the brand board has been finalized, I’ll design any extra collateral items you’ve chosen to go with your package. This could include stationery items and social media banners.

+ 7. Website

I’ll ask you to send me all the content and photos needed to create the website. Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of time to do this. Once I have finished designing your website, I’ll send you a link so you can review it and I can make changes based on your feedback.

At this point, we can also schedule a 60-minute training session to walk you through how to maintain your new website and complete minor changes on your own. I want you to be totally at ease and happy with your new product!

+ 8. Implement + Launch

Once all items have been approved, I will bring everything together in a style guide that will include your logo, color palette, patterns/textures, fonts, mood board and any other elements that were requested. I’ll then bundle everything together and add it to Dropbox so you have access to it forever.

To celebrate your new launch, I’ll even share your website on my blog and social media so we can tell everyone about it!

+ 9. Friendly Update

I love staying in touch with my design clients to see how they’re getting on. A few months after your launch, I’ll check in with you to see how things are going with your business.

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What You will get

  • A beautiful, functional, modern and targeted website that will draw in your ideal client

  • You’ll easily be able to manage basic changes to your website all on your own (leave the upgrades and security changes to Squarespace)

  • An optimized website

  • View your website seamlessly on mobile devices including tablets

  • 2 weeks support from yours truly after you launch

  • 24/7 excellent customer support from Squarespace

  • As a Squarespace Circle Member, my clients get to enjoy a 20% discount for the first year of signing up with a Squarespace website plan

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Ready for a brand new website?