4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website

It's no surprise that over 75% of businesses get their customers from online traffic, but did you know that your website actually says a lot about your brand and how you operate your business? Today I am going to tell you why your business needs a professional website! Sure, anyone can whip together a site, but it takes patience and brand awareness to send a subliminal message to your ideal customer.

Create a professional Squarespace website for your business.

Here are the 4 reasons you need a professional website:

We live in a world of technology. We also live in a world of now. People want solutions now, they want great service now, and they want answers now. So, what better place to get what you need now than by hopping on the internet? If your business does not have a website, you are missing out on some great potential clients and customers.

According to Time.com, more than 3 billion people are logging onto the internet daily in the United States alone. That's over 3 billion chances for your business to be discovered! If you do not have a professional website that gives solutions now, then you are missing out my friend!

1| Make Your Website Professional

When you hop onto a website, you know what you are looking for and you want to be able to find it easily and fast. If your website is confusing or complicated, chances are that a potential customer will move onto the next website. Your website needs to be clean and neat, easy to navigate, and clearly represent your business.

Having too many tabs, too many colors and even too much text on a page can really hurt your business. People want to see clear, concise, and pretty layouts when they get onto a website. According to PHSchools.com, over 65% of the world's population is considered visual! This means that they make their decisions, bother personally and for their business, based on how a website looks. If your website doesn't catch their eye they will move along.

Websites that are unprofessional and unorganized often indicate that that is how the business is run. Don't let your website scare away customers or clients. Make your goal and mission clear to the customer as soon as they are on your website. Be sure to use consistent colors and fonts throughout your site as well.

2| Use Your Website to Upsell

If your business does not have a website, you are missing out on making money. I can confidently say that there is a business just like yours within your area that has a website, and guess what? They are making more money than you! Let's change that!

At any given second of the day or night, there is someone within this great wide world who is on the internet. Use your website to upsell! Do you have a great template on how to organize your house or a spreadsheet that helps your family budget every month? You can use these templates as an opt-in to get people to sign-up for your newsletter. If you don't send out newsletters that is a whole different beast that we will talk about soon! You can even sell these templates on your website as a digital download and make money while you sleep!

3| Treat it Like a Portfolio

Your business needs a website to store and house all of your business' info. Your website, in essence, is a portfolio of what you can do and what you have done. If you sell a product, make a gallery of what you have done in the past. If you are a copywriting organize your content within folders on your website. Add a beautiful, attractive picture to your site to show your ideal customer what you can do. Like I said, 65% of the population is considered visual so by displaying your fabulous work you could potentially land your next client…or next 12!

Now, I am not saying to put every single thing you have ever done onto your website. Too many pictures can become messy and overwhelming. Instead, choose your top 7 favorite projects and neatly display them on your business website.

4| Let the Professionals Handle It

When all else fails, let the professionals handle it. If you are unsure of how to create a beautiful, professional functioning website luckily for you that is my specialty! I can create a unique and purpose-driven site that represents you and your brand. If you are hesitant to dive in and create a website yourself, I would love to do this for you. You can set up a free call with me here!

Your business needs a website. Your business needs a professional website. Think of your website as the face of your business. Having a great foundation is the best way to start. Check out my blog post on How to Conduct an Audit of your Website. This will help you set your site of for initial success! After that, you can work on the aesthetics that will make your website attractive.

If you currently have a website, drop a link below! I would love to check it out!

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