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Christiana Jones

Brand + Web Design

Physician and author Christiana Jones was looking for a website that would help her launch her first romance novel. She knew she needed a website that was clean, free of clutter, and inviting to her readers. As a first-time author, Christiana knew that her readers needed an experience that drew them in from page one. We worked together to craft a brand that’s both energetic and professional.

Christiana’s Goals:

  • Be seen as a medical romance author

  • Connect with her readers in a meaningful space

  • Have a brand that conveys her personality and

Healing Generations Counseling

Branding + Website Refresh

Connie Hsu, a Southern California licensed marriage and family therapist, reached out because she DIYed her website but felt it lacked personality and didn’t convey who she is as a professional. She needed a branding and website refresh but didn’t have much time to wait. The color palette, inspired by her love for the beach, set the tone for a brand that’s warm, lively, and fresh. We made the website better communicate what she offers clients and inspire them to take action through her contact page.

Connie’s Goals:

  • Convey the essence of her brand through her website

  • Be seen as an expert therapist

  • Give her business more personality + flair


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Kind Words From Clients

Christiana Jones Medical Romance Author.png
I wanted a website that reflected the fact that I take my business seriously and therefore my customers can expect a quality professional experience. I knew I needed someone’s help to create the website. Theresa blew my mind away. She helped me create an author brand from scratch by helping me think about who I am and what promise I want to make to my clients...
— Christiana Jones
Connie Hsu Healing Counsellor.png
I had no idea where to start and struggled with finding what I wanted to present to my potential clients on my website.
Working with Theresa was truly a collaborative process. She helped me find my essence through our work together. She was very open to providing options when I wasn’t sure with certain colors/photos. It was a very very easy experience for someone who doesn’t know a bit about websites and such, I felt highly taken care of and understood for my vision of what I wanted to show in my website...
— Connie Hsu
I was so relieved I didn’t have to struggle through trying put together a DIY website. Instead, Theresa took care of it for me. You could try to design a site yourself, but why would you want the frustration, time it takes to learn that could be spent on your business, brick walls when you can’t understand something, to only end up with a site that looks amateur at best? With Theresa, you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches, and the end result is a beautiful website...”
— Kristina Tyler