Don't Just Sit There! Start Growing Your Team!



Are you in over your head with how much work you have to do for your business?  Are you thinking maybe its time to get some help? are questioning if this is the right move, well my friend, keep reading this cause this is for you!

Don't just sit there! Start Growing Your Team!

Outsourcing, hmmm should I? Or can I handle it all on my own?  As an entrepreneur especially one who is starting out, this can be a very difficult decision to make.  You are stuck and don't exactly know how to move forward.  If you can relate to these questions, read on…

I started my business excited about what I could offer my clients.  I wanted to help mom entrepreneurs design or give their website a facelift. I wanted to give them that one on one website training. Free them up to focus on what will bring growth to their business. I invested in myself. I signed up for courses, signed up for B-School (which I recommend to anyone! Oh yeah!... B-School is starting very soon, you can check it out HERE) and read tons of blogs. You name it, I  did it.  My plate was full. Did I forget to mention, I have a corporate 9-5 job, take care of daughters, and work my business at every chance I get!

A year into my business, I found tasks I was struggling with, things weren’t coming so easy to me.   I was doing things did not like.  Soon, the dreaded question popped in my head, was it time to bring someone in to help me?  Or spend my entire day trying to figure out how to use Adobe illustrator or Canva to create these graphics?  I found I was spending too many hours working on things I  did not like.

Some signs you need help

Can you answer these questions?  If your response is a resounding YES, then it is time!

  1. You are working IN your business instead of ON your business

  2. You are working around the clock

  3. You are doing everything

  4. You are doing tasks that you dread or don't like to do

  5. You are asking yourself if  you are missing out on other opportunities

Of course I was hesitant! Who wouldn’t be? This was my baby.  I was going to hand it off to someone wondering if they would understand my business.  That was the hard truth I had to face.  I needed to focus on other areas of my business that I was good at and hand off what made sense to me to do.

So many times, I fought off the idea, well, because of money.  How much would it cost me to hire someone? Could I afford it? I had to decide and fast.  What I learned is that something had to give. Do I take this leap and believe that it is the best thing I can do for my business? or continue on the path I was on, stressed over blog graphics, wondering if they were attention grabbers?   When you start feeling uncomfortable or uneasy, that's your queue change is coming.  Step into it with faith knowing that everything will be ok.

So I did. I decided to find someone to design by social graphics, blog post graphics and opt-ins.  I started to interview designers and found out one who is a great match for me.

Hiring your next team member

What to look for when hiring your next team member

  1. Be clear on your goals and expectations

  2. Know what kind of help you are looking for

  3. Number of hours of work you think you will need

  4. Clearly Communicate your brand and your audience

  5. Give clear instructions

  6. Interview as many candidates as you need

  7. Start small

Questions to ask your potential candidate

  • Ask how long they have been doing this
  • Ask for references and call those references if you need to
  • Look at their work, does it vibe with what you are looking for for your own brand
  • Is the candidate someone you see yourself growing with and working long term
  • What is their work style
  • Ask what they will need from you


If you are looking to hire someone on a retainer basis, ask if you can start with a trial month to see how you work together.  If that is a possibility, I would recommend that you do that.

So I found a graphic designer and she is amazing!  I can’t wait to see her work her magic on my brand and collaterals.  I can’t even begin to explain the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders now.  I don't need to worry about my brand’s graphics because someone else is doing it for me.  I can focus on how to generate profits, zone in on what my readers want.  I am very grateful that I found my graphic designer.

Don't wait.  If you are in that place of discomfort, take that leap.  It is so worth it and your business needs it.

I'm a big fan of Marie Forleo. In one of her episodes, she had a Q&A and responded to a question from one of her readers. I thought it was appropriate to include in this post.  Take a look HERE. 

 I hope it will inspire you to step forward and do you what you know you have to do.


"You can stay comfortable or you can grow, your choice " - Marie Forleo

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Have you hired a team member to help you?  How did you find them and how has it help your business?

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Is it time to grow your team?